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Is your team struggling to communicate effectively? Are there players with attitudes that are harming projects or group morale? If you’re looking for a non-abrasive way to boost your team unity, increase productivity, and correct misaligned team goals, Lighthouse Leadership is now offering Lunch & Learn programs, for FREE!

Schedule a workshop from any of 32 dynamic and enlightening workshops, with topics such as “The Art and Science of Employee Motivation,” “Emotional Intelligence for Leaders” and “Hazardous Conversations.” Find out if your business qualifies by scheduling a free, no-obligation call with Lighthouse Leadership’s professional coach and master instructor Doug Lundrigan.

Lighthouse Leadership has helped hundreds of individuals realign with their team, take personal responsibility for their part in conflicts or inefficiencies, and increase overall team productivity and morale. We are trusted by well-known public agencies and commercial organizations such as:

City of BeavertonState of Oregon

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Lighthouse Leadership helps you achieve a high-performance culture.

Our Methodology—We use the research-based Knowles adult learning model to provide variety, multiple channels, engagement, live application, and maximal retention.  Our learning content is evidence-based, developed by a team of PhDs.

Our Philosophy—Each person has infinite value and vast untapped potential.  We take joy in helping each participant find their own way to rise to their potential.  Knowledge is not power.  Wisdom is power.  Wisdom is the optimal application of knowledge.

Our Results—Among attendees of our Leadership Development Program, 74% obtain a promotion within a year of completion.  Let’s let past participants speak for us:

“What I like most about Doug Lundrigan’s style of instructing is his positive, energetic attitude. Organized, forthright, to the point, he stays on topic and is clear. It’s obvious that he wants to include everyone – accepting, polite, respectful of everyone and portrays one who appreciates each person for their unique abilities, skills, and current status. I like Doug’s non-abrasive manner in breaking up “rabbit trails” of discussions. Doug portrays humility, honesty and a forthright teaching manner that is not overbearing.”
– Class member

“Doug seems to really care about the people he is instructing. And I really, really appreciate that he ties current teachings back to previous teachings. Because there’s so much content to think about, and when I go back to my day job it is hard to keep all the information fresh in my mind. But by circling back to previous topics I am reminded of key things I’m interested in and want to apply.”
– Class member

“Doug makes you think and gets good participation from the class modules and exercises, provides excellent ideas as well as thoughts to ponder on. Does not overload you with the material. Good structure in his presentations. Videos and slides are of great value to the topic and easy to relate or understand.”
– Class member

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