Founded in 2012 by Doug Lundrigan, Lighthouse Leadership is based in Nampa Idaho.  Lighthouse has contracts in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Missouri, and is willing to do work anywhere.  It has become a acclaimed deliverer of performance improvement training, coaching, and consulting.  Doug and his colleagues are highly experienced and perform excellent work.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, but what they share in common is a passion for making a positive difference in the lives and careers of individuals, assisting the leaders of organizations to transform their culture and accelerate the talent development of their people.  How would your organization benefit from that?

Lighthouse found its first clients in the health care and government sectors.  Noteworthy clients, past and present are Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), Marylhurst University, US Army Corps of Engineers, Port of Portland, City of Beaverton, and others.

Lighthouse’s greatest successes are with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Seattle and St. Louis. Lighthouse obtained contracts to develop and present the curriculum of their Leadership Development Programs (LDP). These contracts consist of (each year) 132 hours of classroom instruction, two retreats, six online assessments, 36 hours of coaching, a field trip, and other elements.  Doug Lundrigan is the lead instructor for the program, and many of his colleagues serve as sub-contracted instructors. Many of the testimonials provided on this website are quotes from program participants.  Doug is very proud of his work with this government agency.  In addition to the many positive comments, the program had the outcome that 68% of the participants were promoted to a higher level of responsibility and compensation within one year of completion of the LDP.  Doug was also awarded the Commander’s Coin for excellence in his work in LDP.  Additional outcomes that Doug appreciates very much are the continuing friendships he still has with many alumni of LDP.

Doug has had success with the OHSU physician/department head who he coached through some challenging personnel issues, an attorney he assisted to see better ways to grow her practice, a government contracting agent he coached from continual conflict to peaceful productive interactions, and dozens of other leaders he coached to find “Aha!” moments to greater success.