Doug is teaching lessons as a friend which creates a safe area to open discussions and share our experiences. Also, he is linking these lessons to live examples which help us to apply these lessons to our work and life. He is an amazing and helpful instructor.

Doug’s easy-going style and flexibility; the fact that you really seem to care that we understand and learn the information; the way that you keep us engaged; your knowledge and familiarity with the material/information.

Doug is unassuming, affable, and easy to listen too.  He presents the material at a good pace and clearly studies his delivery style and practices his class material presentations.

Doug makes you think and gets good participation from the class modules and exercises, provides excellent ideas as well as thoughts to ponder on. Videos and slides are of great value to the topic and easy to relate or understand.

Doug is calm, friendly & warm. He knows the material & is able to help us see connections to work and home. He allows time for discussion & thought. He creates a comfortable and safe place for discussion.

The most effective part of Doug’s instruction is the trusting relationship that he was able to establish with us right away.

Positive , energetic attitude.   Organized, forthright, to the point, stays on topic, clear.  Obvious that he  wants to include everyone – accepting, polite, respectful of everyone  and portrays one who appreciates each person for their unique abilities, skills and current status.  Doug portrays humility, honesty and a forthright teaching manner that is not overbearing.

I appreciate that he (Doug) has a high degree of knowledge in all the subjects that have been presented. He has the ability to link research, stats, and studies to real world business and personal leadership.

He’s engaging without being judgmental.  He allows for free expression openly and then summarizes the value nuggets out of the sometimes rambling discussion.

I like that Doug seems to really care about the people he is instructing. And I really, really appreciate that he ties current teachings back to previous teachings. Because there is so much content to think about, and when I go back to my day job it is hard to keep all the information fresh in my mind.

We wanted to focus on patient care not reinventing the wheel of leadership training. Lighthouse Leadership was our answer.

Sarah C., Health Care Practice Owner

Doug has a deep knowledge of business management and leadership needs. He's been very helpful in finding solutions for me and my business when I felt stuck.

Gabe M., IT Business Owner

Your feedback during and after our meeting was clear and concise and outlined practical steps to improve my success and satisfaction with my business.

Connie S., Attorney

"I really appreciated the way Doug encouraged and lead the group to be so interactive.  I found it to be insightful, inspirational, and FUN!"

Jay H., Banker

I won’t hesitate to call on you and Lighthouse Leadership for assistance in the future.

Connie S., Attorney

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug at Lighthouse Leadership now in two different settings. Initially, I had assisted him in promoting his business services. From the start, it was clear to me that Doug’s leadership development expertise is some of the best I have seen. His expertise is to effectively diagnose organizational and individual limitations, transform leaders, teamwork, and culture to more effective and positive outcomes. His vast knowledge-base ensures that each company he works with will get a customized program tailored to their specific needs. As a salesperson, representing business consulting companies like Doug’s makes my job easy because the support, coaching, and intuitive assessments are so needed in today’s, evolving workplace and have long-term value. More recently, I got to work alongside Doug when he and I worked in tandem as consultants to help a struggling medical practice increase sales and productivity. Doug’s leadership skills support added momentum to my sales coaching objectives through a fortification of the business’s internal “culture,” all the way from leadership down to reception. Doug is a pleasure to work with.

Lisa A., business owner