When we want to transform ourselves or our organizations from where we are now to a new and better place we first MUST have a clear understanding of where we are now. This is the purpose of assessments. Over 25 years of research and development have gone into our employee and leadership assessment tools to ensure that you have fast, accurate, cost-effective and EEOC Compliant results.


Emotional Intelligence Assessment – You hired a dream candidate and she turned out to be a nightmare. You can’t decide which team member should be promoted. EIQ is widely recognized and proven in many controlled scientific trials to be at least twice as predictive of success in the workplace as IQ or technical skills. This assessment measures a person’s ability to use feelings constructively, to take responsibility for their emotions, and their level of attaining emotional growth and maturity. Using this tool allows you to reduce regrets in your people placement.

Leadership Potential – The leaders in your organization shape its culture. Their traits and practices are multiplied within your business as they are followed. Selecting the right leaders is crucial to your success. This assessment shows a person’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and who has the most potential for high performance.

P60 – Discover the candidate’s personality type with this simple assessment. Discover the true personality of your potential employee with the P60. Are they a born leader? A supporter? A networker? With a simple analysis, you can discover if they are right for your company and compatible with their department.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY – This survey uses group-based opinions to help you evaluate the overall engagement of your employees. Since an engaged workforce is so important to a company’s long-term achievement, it is essential that every measure is taken to understand a staff’s level of engagement. The first step to measuring employee engagement is to issue an employee engagement survey.  Fill in the side-bar form to learn more about using this tool in your company.

CUSTOM SURVEY – The Custom Survey is used to form opinions from a group-based standpoint. By using general questions you can create a survey for your designated groups and receive anonymous results and comments.  

360 FEEDBACK – Over the past decade, 360-degree feedback has revolutionized performance management. Employee feedback is essential for an organization’s success in training, evaluation and growth.  Fill in the side-bar form to learn more about using this tool in your company.

MANAGEMENT APTITUDE – The Management Aptitude is an effective tool in measuring one’s leadership abilities as well as identifying areas for development.  Fill in the side-bar form to learn more about using this tool in your company.


If you have employees in a department who are performing well, does it not make sense to hire the same type of person for that department? With the benchmark program, you can! Each time you run a Candidate Profile you have the opportunity to create, compare and utilize results to create accurate benchmarks to match your current employees. By using various existing and custom benchmarks to see how close the scores and personality types are, you will see in seconds if the applicant you are looking at “fits” the position and department.