High Perfomance Roles Part 1: Are You Leading from the Balcony

Posted On: December 31, 2015 by: Doug Lundrigan

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to survive in today’s market. According to Business Week, the life span of average multi-billion corporations is approximately 12.5 years. Only 12 percent of new businesses will survive past five years. Why is the survival of a business so difficult? The answer is typically a combination of factors — numerous competitors, lack of a business strategy, undefined goals or poor leadership

Leadership is the most important factor in achieving and sustaining organizational success. Leaders have the power to influence an organization. They provide the vision, inspiration and motivation that direct the organization as a whole.

A higher value should be placed on initiating change, solving problems and implementing processes, therefor achieving long-term results and building commitment. Remember, leaders do face challenges every day. Leadership involves working with many complex individuals, each filled with common emotions. People cannot be programmed like computers. Instead, people act on their own free will and are often unpredictable. Poor leadership always results in poor production and high turnover.

Leaders must view your organization “from the balcony,” or from the outside looking in. Leaders are the ones with a “big picture view” of what is happening on the floor or in the cubicle. Good leaders do not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the organization; they take overall observation. Good leaders cannot be ‘micro-managers,’ but have trust in their subordinates and delegate.

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