Leadership is a rich and meaningful word. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. It is a word that inspires us to be our best, a word that we associate with those who have made the greatest difference in our lives. In short, leadership is a significant part of the answer to whatever challenges our organizations may face.

High Performance Leadership Modules

Each module contains science-based business knowledge with interactive elements, and takes two to three hours to complete.

+ Principles of High Performance
  • Learn the concept of paradigms
  • Experience a simulation of a traditional vs. High Performance paradigm.
  • Learn why the High Performance Model Works
  • Understand the challenges of moving your organization toward High Performance.

+ Principles of High Performance Leadership
  • Learn the importance of leadership in achieving long term success.
  • Discover the five myths of leadership.
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management.
  • Learn the difference between controlling and empowering leadership styles.

+ The Power of Empowering Leaders
  • Empowering leaders have a driving passion to realize their vision.
  • Empowering leaders build and sustain trust with their followers.
  • Empowering leaders unleash the commitment and motivation of their followers.
  • Empowering leaders act from positive beliefs about people and situations.
  • Learn the difference between commitment and compliance motivation.
  • Learn the four principles of empowerment.
  • Discover a matrix for identifying what people need to be empowered.
  • Develop a dialogue to transfer power to others.
  • Create a model of situational leadership.

+ Balancing the Five Leadership Roles
  • Examine the three core elements of team effectiveness.
  • Learn the five roles of leadership.
  • Discover the appropriate balance among the five roles.
  • Understand how to lead “from the balcony”.
  • Learn how to use a set of diagnostic questions to lead “from the balcony”.

+ Leadership Reality Check
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Assess yourself in the five leadership roles.
  • Know how you are viewed by others in your organization.
  • Develop personal improvement plans.

+ Personal Productivity Secrets of HP Leaders
  • Assess how you currently use your time.
  • Discover the barriers that keep you from managing your time more effectively.
  • Learn the difference between the important and the urgent and how to schedule the time for the important.
  • Learn to set professional goals to guide your use of time.
  • Learn a systematic approach to managing daily events.

+ High Performance Expectations
  • Learn to confront behavior that fails to meet your expectations.
  • Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building high performance.
  • Develop a set of non-negotiables for those whom you lead.
  • Practice the skill of harnessing harmful behavior.
  • Apply the skill to back-home situations.

+ High Performance Hiring
  • Analyze costs involved in making hiring decisions.
  • Create specifications through a job description.
  • Identify positive and negative characteristics throughout the screening process.
  • Identify fundamental interview questions and behavior-based questioning.
  • Understand the use of employment assessments to aid in your hiring decision.
  • Common hiring mistakes, legalities, and reference checks.

+ High Performance Coaching
  • Identify core principles, objectives and language of effective coaching.
  • Move through the steps of the Coaching Conversation.
  • Recognize coaching opportunities.
  • Address behavior that fails to meet expectations.
  • Establish a set of non-negotiables for team members.
  • Implement performance management skills.

+ Upgrading Your Human Capital
  • Develop a commitment to support employee development.
  • Explore shared team responsibilities
  • Define and prioritize coordinated responsibilities.
  • Identify the difference between commitment and compliance motivation.
  • Understand empowerment as a development tool.
  • Create a dialogue to transfer power to others and increase engagement.

+ Engaging Employees for High Performance
  • Answer the four questions required to establish strategic direction.
  • Create a vision for success based on the four dimensions of achievement.
  • Increase awareness of customers, deliverables, and core competencies.
  • Identify the building blocks of goal setting.
  • Establish metrics in Key Result Areas (KRAs) aka Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Set goals in all KRAs.

+ High Performance Leadership Amid Radical Change
  • Understand how leadership can lessen resistance to change resulting in higher productivity and lower stress.
  • Discuss the three forces of change.
  • Identify factors that that influence organizational behavior.
  • Discuss stages of concern in organizational change.
  • Identify three forms of resistance to change.
  • Discuss how to help others develop resilience.
  • Understand how to encourage ownership of change efforts.
  • Write a personal Action Plan for improving skills in leading change.

+ Speaking for a Lasting Impression
  • Understand characteristics of adult learners.
  • Develop strategies of dynamic delivery
  • Speaking with conviction.
  • Learn to use five key components of business presentations.
  • Methods of enhancing retention.